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Storage in China

Coastlink offers storage locations near your customer(s) in China. Due to the close partnership and a reliable network of different agents, Coastlink is able to adapt and deliver quickly on every kind of request.

As an additional service, Coastlink is able to offer different storage possibilities in a bonded warehouse in China. When goods are stored in a bonded warehouse, the customer is authorized to clean, sort, repack or otherwise change the condition by processes that do not amount to manufacturing. The customer can hold on to the goods in the bonded warehouse, without paying import taxes and VAT, until the goods have been paid by the end customer.

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More warehousing opportunities in China

  • Bonded & Non Bond warehouse Nationwide Shanghai, Xiamen, Shenzhen, Qingdao, Zhangjiagang, Dalian
  • Consolidation & Distribution
  • Pick & pack, Cross-docking
  • Barcode System & Palletization
  • ODM + WMS + TMS
  • Cloud website locate cargo
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Yangshan Port storage

  • New and modern warehouse of 12000 sq. meters
  • Strategic situated nearby Yangshan deep sea port
  • Tailormade service in professional way follow European standard warehouse management
  • Strategical location facilitate container picking up and delivery