We take care of your shipments quickly and without error. This is expressed in our work method, by being as close to our clients as possible. We advise you about the optimal logistic solutions. We make frequent use of regional barge and rail terminals, to ensure you hassle-free loading and unloading of cargo and save you costs, coupled to a high level of service. We believe in the synergy of informing, advising and unburdening.

Your cargo delivered in time

This starts with the first contact of our local agent with the producer and continues through the entire trajectory. We never lose sight of our client’s precious cargo and commit fully ourselves to timely delivery of your cargo. If something is wrong with the shipment anyway, we are immediately on site to solve the problem.

You log in through your own portal to view the shipping details. From booking to final destination you can keep track of your shipment continuously.

3 speeds to and from China

For transport to China you can choose from three options with Coastlink: by air, sea or rail. Transport by air is the quickest. Transport by sea is slower but cheaper.

A third and relatively new option is transport by rail. Coastlink uses the train connection between Tilburg and Chengdu in China. This form of transport is quicker than by sea and cheaper than by air.

We will gladly advise you on what form fits your transport best.

Part of Claassen

Coastlink is a Claassen Logistics company. This SME family business was founded in 1850 and has a culture to match it: flexible, short lines, personal and focused on continuity. Claassen offers the SME a full range of logistic services: transport, distribution, warehousing, sea and air freight and e-fulfilment. You can count on high quality, reliable service and pleasant cooperation.

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