Your cargo

at destination

right on time

via Coastlink

Specialismen cargo project goederen

Project related cargo, delivered right on time

  • Coastlink can ship any type of cargo, even if the shipment does not fit a standard container. Coastlink will make sure your shipment reaches its destination, right on time.
  • Years of experience with transporting oversized machinery, break-bulk and heavy cargo.
  • Coastlink can flexibly act on various service requests. We will help to consider all options and offer the right solution for your special transportation needs.
Specialismen cargo value added logistics

Added value to your product, every location, worldwide

  • Our local warehouses offer various options regarding Value Added Logistics and Services. We offer you the possibility to test, repair or assemble your goods, prior to delivery, worldwide.
  • Coastlink offers worldwide storage opportunities for your cargo
  • Storage in a Chinese customs depot. This allows you to only pay import duties and VAT, after the buying party has paid for the goods.