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Coastlink can transport your greenhouse system, greenhouse parts, and all materials and special tools related to greenhouse construction to any addresses in China/Asia by sea, air, and rail. In addition, we can provide the following value-added services:

  • If you need to lease your greenhouse system equipment to a Chinese/Asian customer and need to ship the equipment back to Europe later, we can provide you the temporary export & import customs documents, and advance payment of various taxes in China/Asia, as well as applying to the local customs for a full refund of taxes.
  • If you are looking for suitable warehouse facilities in China/Asia to store your greenhouse system, greenhouse components, and all materials and tools related to greenhouse construction, Coaslink is able to provide you a quality solution by using its comprehensive Chinese/Asian warehouse service network.

Faster delivery by rail transport via Coastlink

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Seafreight from Rotterdam to Shanghai, takes about 32 days on average. Not to mention the thousands of miles the cargo still needs to travel from the Shanghai port to inland locations. Transport by train is much faster. Via the New Silk Road, the journey by train takes somewhere between 18 and 20 days. Through our partnership with Multi Modal Link, transport to rural areas is easily and reliably arranged.

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Cost reduction through bonded warehousing via Coastlink

Coastlink warehouse

Coastlink has access to a bonded warehouse in Zhangjiagang Bonded Logistics Park. The 30.000m2 is exclusively equipped for storage of Greentech products and machines. Storage in the bonded warehouse provides and exemption from import duties and VAT as long as goods leave the facility within 6 months. The logistics park may also act as leasing company, allowing you to store the goods until they are sold. Zhangjiagang is an ideal hub for train and truck transport to a multitude of Chinese locations.

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Gateway to Asian countries

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The the bonded warehouse in Zhangjiagang is connected to multiple excellent railway connections. As such, the warehouse acts as a gateway to many locations in China and countries like Vietnam and South Korea. The warehouse is situated on the shores of the Yangtze river allowing for an additional connection to these countries by water. Moreover, as the warehouse is located close the the shores of the East-China sea, oversea transport to Japan and Australia is also possible.

View the favourable geographic location of Zhangjiagang

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