Logistic solutions

for transporting wine

and other beverages

via Coastlink

Specialismen coldchain wijntransport

Your Leading Expert in Beverage & Wine Logistics Solutions Provider

  • Dedicated team for excellent service quality
  • Insulated Blanket & Reefer Equipment.
  • Flexi Tank International Transportation
  • Insulate Packed Pallet
  • LCL & Groupage Cargo
  • Cold Chain Groupage
Specialismen coldchain vracht monitoren

Devices & Systems to Monitor Cargo during the Transport

  • Maintenance of all equipment required to prevent deterioration of the goods
    • Replacing the original fan to maintain the required amount of ventilation
    • GPS / temperature detection / impact alert
    • Possibility to opt for various colour schemes in order to mask the installations from the line of sight
  • Removable equipment
    • Mounted on the outside: GPS information, temperature sensor (optional)
    • Stick-on mounting: GPS information, information on temperature and humidity
Specialismen coldchain import agent

Professional import agent; help with customs clearance & labelling

Professional trading agency services for customers that do not posses the required import & export privileges

  • Documentation preparation: import agency agreement
  • Services offered by by the import agency:
    • Import Payment for Foreign Exchange ( including the operation for L/C & Coface Credit Review)
    • Agency for Automatic Import License Application
    • On Behalf of the client to find domestic buyers after the entrusted by domestic or foreign customers
    • Chinese Label Desin and Filling
    • Agency for Clearance & CIQ Sampling Service
    • Insured Constant Temperature StorageĀ  ( Bonded & Non-Bonded ) purchasing.
Specialismen coldchain opslag constante temperatuur

Constant Temperature Storage (Bonded & Non-Bonded)

  • Constant Temperature : 22 degrees Celsius
  • Constant Humidity : 60%
  • 24-hours CCTV monitoring
  • Chinese Label printing service
  • Labelling services
  • Wine category sorting; Unboxing; Box Changing; Delivery